DNA ANALYSIS: राज्य सरकारों की लापरवाही के कारण बेकाबू हुआ Coronavirus, PM मोदी ने 17 मार्च को ही दी थी चेतावनी

DNA ANALYSIS: Coronavirus uncontrolled due to negligence of state governments, PM Modi gave warning on March 17 itself

New Delhi: Now-a-days a lot of questions are being asked in the country whether the central government (Central GovernmentThe Corona Virus ()Coronavirus) But made it too early in declaring victory? Many people are saying that yes, the government has done this and the current crisis is the result of this. This type of neuter is being set. But what is the correct answer to this question? For this, you have to know the things that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a virtual meeting held on March 17, in which the Chief Ministers of different states were also there.

PM Modi sensed the danger

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) In a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers on March 17 itself had expressed the apprehension that the infection would spread in the country if the rising rate of corona virus was not stopped, and the situation is the same after 47 days. You can say that the Prime Minister had already sensed the danger and had also warned the state governments, but it was not implemented in the way that needed to be taken. But it is being made that the central government had declared victory in the war against Corona and the government was celebrating. But the truth is something else.

Uncontrolled situation due to state government’s negligence

If the State Governments had taken the Prime Minister’s warning seriously, today on an average 3 thousand people die every day in the country from Corona, and on an average 3 lakh 73 thousand new cases would not have been registered every week. Today we also want to tell you such important things, from which you will know how worried the Prime Minister was about the increasing speed of Corona virus. Since September 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held 14 virtual meetings with the Chief Ministers. In all these meetings, the Prime Minister told the Chief Ministers that the corona virus should not be taken lightly.

The team made for prevention of Kovid said this

Apart from the Prime Minister, the Union Health Ministry has also held 12 virtual meetings with various states since September 2020. In these meetings, especially those districts of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Punjab were identified where the cases of corona are increasing. To prevent the corona virus, the central government deployed 53 high-level teams in different states. Out of these 30 teams were sent to Maharashtra alone, 11 teams to Chhattisgarh, 9 teams to Punjab and 3 teams to Gujarat. The task of these teams was to keep an eye on the condition of Corona in the states and report it to the Central Government. The big thing is that these teams started giving warnings from the month of March, but the state governments did not take concrete steps.

Lack of facilities even after helping crores to states

At this time, many states are also besieging the central government for financial help. While the truth is that under the India Kovid-19 Emergency Response, by March 2021, the central government has given 8 thousand 147 crore rupees to the states. Apart from this, between April and May last year, the central government had given 1 lakh 2 thousand 400 cylinders of oxygen to the states, and the government is also going to give 1 lakh 27 new cylinders to the states soon. But despite this, common people in many states are struggling for oxygen cylinders.

PM Modi agitated states on March 17

Last year, when the first wave of corona virus occurred in India, the number of ICU beds in the country’s government hospitals was 2168. But now the number of ICU beds has increased to about 85 thousand. Apart from this, the central government has also given 35 thousand ventilators to the state governments. Today, it may be that the state governments do not like it, who ignored the Prime Minister’s warning, but we want that you should have the right information in every subject. The essence of this news in a line is that on March 17, the Prime Minister had warned the Chief Ministers of the states that if they do not take strict steps, then the situation of infection in the country will be dangerous.



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