DNA ANALYSIS: क्या Corona Vaccine को 'पेटेंट मुक्त' करने से खत्म हो जाएगा संकट?

DNA ANALYSIS: Will Corona Vaccine End Crisis By ‘Patent-Free’?

New Delhi: How can the scarcity of Corona Vaccine in India end? At the moment, the same question is under discussion all around and that is not a vaccine, and it is not because the companies producing it are just two. That is, two companies have to provide 270 crore doses of vaccine for 135 crore people. This work is very difficult and this is the reason that till now people in the age group of 18 years to 44 years have not started getting vaccinated. In states where this is happening, the vaccination campaign is very limited.

For example, you understand the situation of Delhi, the capital of the country. In Delhi, 90 lakh people above the age of 18 years have to take two doses of vaccine, that is, a total of 1 crore 80 lakh doses are required. But the Delhi government does not have such a dose. As a result of this, people from 18 years of age started getting vaccinated in Delhi from today, but the total number of vaccination centers has been kept at only 77. While 90 lakh people have to be vaccinated. You can say that it is like a lottery. There are many people standing in the row, but the lucky one is the one who got the online appointment for the vaccine.

Slow pace of vaccine increasing fear

The same situation in other states as well, and in private hospitals only 200 to 500 people are being dosed every day. Now, if vaccination runs at this speed, by the end of this year, 30 percent of the country’s population will not be able to get vaccinated. Therefore, now we will tell you some such things, by which this crisis can be eradicated. We will tell you all this in very simple language and we want you to share it as much as possible on social media.

Why the vaccine shortage crisis arose?

There are two main reasons for this crisis, first is the country’s population, which is 135 crores, and the second reason is the limited production of vaccine. Currently two vaccines are being produced in India. The first is Covishield, which is being produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII). The other is Co-Vaxin, which is being made by Bharat Biotech company of Hyderabad. Let me tell you again that only two companies are making vaccines in India. While thousands of companies can participate in this work. How is that, now you understand it with some data.

Only 2 companies out of 3 thousand are making vaccines

There are a total of 3 thousand pharmaceutical companies in India, which have 10 and a half thousand manufacturing units across the country. The total value of all these companies is 2 lakh 19 thousand crore rupees. In simple words, 3 thousand companies in our country can manufacture vaccines in their 10 and a half thousand manufacturing units. But now only two are doing it and the remaining 2 thousand 998 companies are not able to help the country in the production of vaccine.

Vaccine must be patent-free

Now if one thousand of these companies also produce vaccine, then there will be no shortage of vaccine in the country. But you must be thinking how will this happen? So for this the vaccine has to be patent free. That is, what is the formula for making a vaccine, it should share it with the developing company, other companies, and the central government should give these companies the right to make the vaccine.

How can the government do this?

Section 92 of The Patent Act, 1970 states that the government can make any goods, equipment and medicines patent-free in 3 circumstances.
1. If the country is going through a severe emergency.
2. If any item, equipment or vaccine is so important that the lack of it threatens one’s life.
3. If it is in the interest of the people.
That is, the current situation fulfills these three conditions. On an average, three thousand people die of Corona virus every day in India. That is, the country is in dire need of vaccine at this time. For this, the vaccine will be made patent-free. However, there are some problems in this too.

Government not in possession of KovidShield

The central government may issue compulsory licenses to other companies to manufacture Bharat Biotech covariate under this law. But this decision will not be effective in the case of Kovishield. Because the patent for this vaccine is with Oxford University and AstraZeneca Company of Britain.

India is the first country to do this

India is the first country in the world to demand the removal of the patent from the Corona Vaccine. For this, the proposal was also sent to the World Health Organization (WHO), but so far no decision has been made on it. In addition, India and South Africa have started a renewed effort to waive vaccine patents at the World Trade Organization (WTO), and now expectations from the WTO have increased.



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