All India Institute of Ayurvedic Science: कोरोना के 94% मरीज ठीक होकर घर लौटे, जानिए कैसे हो रहा है इलाज

All India Institute of Ayurvedic Science: 94% of corona patients returned home after recovering, know how treatment is going on

New Delhi: To combat the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of AYUSH has recently advised a drug of Ayurveda to feed the infected. The name of this medicine is Ayush 64. Apart from this medicine, many other methods are proving effective in the treatment of corona patients.

94% of patients from Ayurveda hospital recover and return home

According to the information, about 94% of the patients from All India Institute of Ayurvedic Science (Delhi) All India Institute of Ayurvedic Science have returned home safely after getting their treatment, that too without any side effects. Corona patients are being treated in this ayurvedic hospital in South Delhi by recruiting them. Gaurav Corona (Coronavirus) working in this hospital was infected. He has fully recovered from Ayurveda and Yoga and has returned to work.

Tanuja Nesari, director of All India Institute of Ayurvedic Science, says that the Ministry of AYUSH has recently recommended a drug named Aayush 64 to be used in the treatment of corona infections. This drug was first used for the treatment of malaria in the year 1980. It has been seen that coronavirus patients are also benefiting from the use of this medicine.

Successful treatment of coronavirus from Ayurveda

Institute’s doctor Rajagopal says that Coronavirus patients are not being treated with this medicine alone. Apart from this, there is a separate medicine for fever. At the same time, atomic oil is being used to protect the nose and throat from infection. At the same time, to increase immunity, decoction and Chyawanprash are being used.

Allopathic medicines are also being given when needed.

According to the doctors of the hospital, if the oxygen level starts to go below 90, then along with Ayurveda, even mild medicines of allopathy are started. However, they believe that steroid and some other medicines used in allopathy carry the risk of side effects whereas Ayurvedic medicines do not.

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Anandi team formed to keep patients happy

Doctors say that patients admitted to the hospital are being monitored through live screens. A team named ‘Anandi’ has been formed to give them food, medicine on time and to keep their mind happy. Doctors believe that the body’s immunity as well as being mentally positive and optimistic helps in fighting the coronavirus.



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