Corona: उखड़ती सांसों को मिलेगी राहत, 120 मीट्रिक टन Oxygen लेकर Delhi पहुंची ट्रेन

Corona: Relieved Breathing Breath, Train Arrived in Delhi with 120 Metric Tonnes of Oxygen

New Delhi: Due to lack of oxygen, the dislocated breath of people in Delhi can now be relieved. Delhi is going to get 205 metric tons of medical oxygen today. Out of these 120 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) has reached Delhi.

First oxygen express reached Delhi

According to the information, Oxygen Express train has arrived in Delhi this morning. The train has 6 tankers filled with liquid medical oxygen (LMO). Due to which patients of Delhi will get 120 metric tons of medical oxygen.

Today, the second Oxygen Express train in Delhi (Delhi) is also arriving. This train will have 4 tankers filled with liquid medical oxygen (LMO). Those from Delhi will get 85 metric tons of oxygen. In this way, the people of Delhi are going to get 205 metric tons of oxygen today.

Largest supply ever

This is the largest ever supply of Oxygen in Delhi after the onset of the Corona crisis. This is expected to improve the oxygen situation in Delhi.

Let us tell you that there is a shortage of oxygen in the hospitals of Delhi. The Delhi government says that it is not getting oxygen as per the quota from the center. At the same time, the central government says that Delhi is getting more oxygen than required, but there is a need to improve the supply network there.

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Hearing on the petition is going on in the High Court

A petition has been filed in this regard in the Delhi High Court. In which there has been a demand to instruct the government to improve the management of oxygen supply. The court has been appealed to direct the deployment of army in Delhi to deal with the situation. Which can help in handling the situation.



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