Demand for UAE against PSL, once T20 league has been postponed

This is the sixth season of PSL.  (Twitter)

This is the sixth season of PSL. (Twitter)

The PSL 2021 (PSL 2021) is scheduled to start again from June 2. Due to Corona, the league had to be postponed after 14 matches in March. Right now all remaining matches of T20 league are planned to be held in Karachi.

New Delhi. The sixth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2021) began a few months ago. Due to Kovid-19, only 14 matches could be played and the T20 league had to be postponed in March. After this, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) talked about starting the league again from 2 June. As per the current plan, all the teams have been asked to assemble in Karachi by 23 May and all have to complete the mandatory 7-day quarantine period before 2 June. The final is to be played on 20 June. There are 21 more matches to be done. Now once again controversy has arisen regarding Pakistan Super League. All the six franchises have written to the board requesting that the remaining matches of the league be held in Karachi instead of in Karachi. According to reports, the PCB is assessing the entire situation and will have to wait for any official announcement. 4500 cases are coming daily However, speaking of the figures of Pakistan Corona, 4500 cases are coming daily in Pakistan for few days continuously. Apart from this, partial lockdown is also available in some parts of the country. Stricter lockdowns can be imposed after May 20. Significantly, the intensity of the cases is higher this time than the first wave of Corona last year. After the sudden increase in Corona cases, there is a growing concern about the safety and health issues of the franchise. Apart from this, the number of flights going from Pakistan is also very less.Also read: IPL 2021 Suspended: BCCI will not get 1700 crores only from broadcaster, losses and more Cricket returns due to PSL Talking about the organizing of PSL 2021 in the United Arab Emirates, the month of June was a very hot month there. This can be a big reason, which can cause problems in keeping players in tune with the circumstances. Talking about Pakistan Super League, for the return of cricket in Pakistan, it has played a very successful role in this league. For this reason, PCB wants to organize it again in its own country.


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