हल्के लक्षण वाले Corona मरीज न लें Steroid, AIIMS डायरेक्टर डॉ गुलेरिया ने बताई वजह

Do not take Corona patients with mild symptoms, Steroid, AIIMS Director Dr. Guleria explains the reason

New Delhi: According to AIIMS director Randeep Guleria, low-frequency corona patients should avoid steroids in the early days. Because taking steroids in the initial days can have wrong effects on the body. Assuming the director of AIIMS, those who have ‘Moderate Symptoms’, they definitely need oxygen, steroids and medicine. Low-symptomatic COVID-19 patients taking steroids may lack oxygen and may result in hospitalization.

Take steroids in Moderate Illnesses only
AIIMS chief said, ‘patients taking steroids in the early stage may develop pneumonia. Steroids should be taken only in Moderate Illnesses case, doctors also give such advice. He told that if there is oxygen level below 93, excessive fatigue, chest pain, the patient living in isolation should be admitted to the hospital immediately. Such patients should keep in touch with a doctor. There is a need to take special care of patients with high risk.

Three options in moderated case
Guleria further stated that in Moderate Illnesses case, three types of treatment – oxygen therapy, steroids and anticoagulants – are effective. AIIMS chiefs have also warned about CT scans in mild COVID-19 cases. He said, it has side effects and can cause harm.

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Danger from CT Scan
Emphasizing not to have CT scan in cases of mild infection, Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS, said that many people are undergoing CT scan after being found corona virus infected. At the same time, he warned that due to needless CT scan, the loss could be incurred. Dr. Guleria said, ‘A CT scan is like 300 to 400 chest X-rays. According to statistics, repeated CT scans in young age can increase the risk of cancer later. Repeated exposure to radiation can cause harm.




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