कौशांबी: यूपी में 6 साल जेल में बंद हिस्ट्री शीटर ने जीता पंचायत चुनाव

Kaushambi: History Sheeter jailed for 6 years in UP, Panchayat elections won

Noida: In Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, one such person has won the panchayat election. Who has been in jail for 6 years. The name of this person is Ramdas Pal, from whose Sarai Akil area has won the election. Ramdas Pal has said that after forgetting his past, he will now serve only the public.

Jail-filled nomination

According to the news of our partner website India.com, his proponent made a nomination in the name of Ramdas, who is imprisoned. The people of the village reposed trust in Ramdas. Ramdas got 786 votes in the election. Its nearest rival Lallu Pasi received 300 votes. History Sheeter Ramdas said that he will now leave the world behind crime and cooperate in the development of the village. More than 12 cases of murder, robbery, fraud have been registered against Ramdas Pal.

Ramdas has more than 12 cases registered

Ramdas Pal, a resident of Kotia, Sarai Akil is a history-sheeter. There are more than 12 cases of robbery, murder and cheating in various police stations of the district against him. Ramdas is in the district jail in Tenwa for 6 years.

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Panchayat elections concluded in Uttar Pradesh

In UP, lakhs of candidates contested for 7.32 lakh posts. The results of which have been revealed. Elections were held in 58 thousand 176 principal posts in the whole of UP, while 75,852 posts were held for the post of Kshetra Panchayat. At the same time, elections were also held for 3050 Zilla Panchayat seats. While the rest of the posts belonged to the village member. Uncontested elections were held on more level posts of village members The results of which were revealed on 2 May.


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