Nia Sharma: Everything is a mess yet everyone is trying to do their bit. This is a world crisis

The actor recently tweeted asking ‘woke celebrities’ to slow down with their ‘sanctimonious talk’ about vaccination as vaccines aren’t available in most centres. Calling it the darkest hour for our country, Nia says she is overwhelmed and sad.

PUBLISHED ON MAY 04, 2021 03:15 PM IST

Nia Sharma is irritated and upset with “woke celebrities” and their “sanctimonious talk” about vaccination. Recently, she tweeted asking them to slow down with their posts as vaccines aren’t available in most centres and “people queuing up in thousands for days now, don’t look stupid”.

Explaining her viewpoint, she says, “Everything is a mess yet everyone is trying to do their bit. This is a world crisis and the world knows about what is happening in India. I have stopped using Instagram because the situation is so overwhelming.”

She is proud of some celebs including Priyanka Chopra and how she’s been raising funds for Covid on a global level. Sharma adds, “If Priyanka says, go get registered for vaccine, it would make sense. But celebs who haven’t done much work or aren’t aware about what’s really happening to be all preachy is nonsense. My post on woke celebs wasn’t a dig at anyone. Julia Roberts doesn’t have 10 million followers on Instagram but she is world phenomenon. So having followers on Instagram is a farce if you don’t have connect or reach with your audiences. People who think with 15 or 20 million fans, they are stars, they are not. Today, everyone knows they are supposed to wear one and how to wear one. So, I don’t need to make a video educating people on the need to wear or how to wear one. TV guys ka hoopla thoda zyada hota hai.”

Sharma doesn’t understand and finds it funny when some people want to be the first to talk about any new development, “just to hit their numbers on social media?”. She says, “Everyone was going on and on about vaccination without knowing what the ground reality is. It felt insensitive. Everyone wants to look woke and be woke and that’s why they are making videos telling people to go get vaccinated. I think they need to slow down. I want to tell them, you don’t know half of your shit. Don’t mislead people.”

With a number of celebs testing positive is also worrisome, especially when you know the person. She felt terrible to know that her friend Anirudh Dave, is critical and in the ICU. “I have been in touch with his family and many of my other friends, who I have lost touch with. Sometimes you need someone to talk to. We are praying for Anirudh’s recovery. I haven’t stepped out of my house since last fortnight. Hearing about the passing of various people, whom you might just know of, is overwhelming and makes me really sad. This is the darkest hour for our country,” she concludes.


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